People often ask for a price to paint their house. But they don’t always ask what sets one painter apart from the rest. I want to take this opportunity to explain why I think the Guy (that’s me) does a more thorough job and why I’m probably the most sought after painter in Rockport. First, I grew up here, graduated RHS in ‘78, and I have a local reputation to uphold. I care about this town and how we present ourselves. The condition of our homes says a lot about who we are. The condition of my own home at 165 Main is important to me and I want to help others attain that same level of excellence.

Second, prep is everything! Many of us have homes that still have lots of old lead-paint on them. Lead paint breaks down and peals away from the wood, seemingly according to it’s own unpredictable schedule. If your house has this problem, we try to exceed your expectations to get as much of this nasty stuff off your house. We don’t want it to suddenly peel one or two years later.

Third, we always use a primer or self priming stain on all exposed wood surfaces. Without primer, water will transfer through the paint and sit on the wood. The wood rots and then you have to pay an expensive repair bill when the carpenter arrives. Primer is very important.

Forth, many painters say they will apply two coats. But this isn’t always the case. We will follow through with our promise; and whether you recognize it or not, we will often apply an extra coat if we are not happy with the end result. This especially applies to stain. We’ve been known to apply up to seven coats before we walked away from another perfect paint job.

Fifth, we caulk all seams between window frames and body, and body and corner boards. You don’t want water to “wick” into your clapboards. They’ll rot in as few as three years. We use a high quality rubber caulking that expands and contracts with the weather and stands the text of time.

Sixth, we use Benjamin Moore’s top quality paint. Their “Aura” line lasts a long time. We use the best door paint called “Grand Entrance.” And, we use Benjamin Moore’s Arborcoat solid body stain.

Call me today for a free estimate. Let’s talk about your house and discover how we can make it shine like the day it was built.

Carl Oulton 978-761-6288 JustCallTheGuy.net 165 Main Street, Rockport, MA 01966

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